Ultimate Nuxt.js for Full-Stack Web Applications

2024 年 3 月 29 日


Build slim SSR and SSG Nuxt applications with Composition API, remote Node.js applications, and PHP applications for projects that scale and require better maintenance.

Book Description

Unlock the true potential of Nuxt.js with this comprehensive guide. The book explores the intricacies of Nuxt.js, with a primary focus on addressing scalability challenges inherent in web applications. Readers will acquire the expertise to efficiently separate APIs and data management from Nuxt projects, thereby significantly enhancing maintainability. This journey is complemented by harnessing the potent Nitro Server Engine, enabling the seamless construction of full-stack web applications using Nuxt alone, ensuring a harmonious blend of efficiency and scalability.

The book will help navigate the complexities of large-scale Nuxt projects, uncovering the integration of remote Node.js and PHP applications to streamline API and data management processes. Practical insights abound, offering a deep understanding of effective data handling and API management using prominent technologies such as MongoDB, MariaDB, RethinkDB, and GraphQL tailored specifically for Nuxt applications. By the end of the book you will create static site generation (SSG) Nuxt applications paired with WordPress to optimize production performance.



作者: Tiam Kok, Lau

原文出版社:Orange Education Pvt Ltd